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IT Solutions
For Your Industry

Health Systems

Hospitals and Universities offering multiple disciplines with a diverse mix of physician specialties have distinct needs.  Offering secure networks and compliant software that can satisfy both administrators and specialists is what distinguishes SafeMed Solutions. EMR, remote access, data loss protection, and secure messaging are just the beginning. Our team can provide a free security assessment of your health system today!

Private Medical Practices

Smaller practices still require first-class tools to deliver the best possible patient outcomes, but there's no need for a full-time IT staff with SafeMed's outsourced health IT services.  Let us bring peace of mind and the best clinical software to your practice.  


Retail or mail-order - pharmacies have strict compliance requirements and need to consider everything from their fill process to billing while retaining quality and consistency.  We provide a variety of pharmacy tools from IVR to fill robots that will help keep your pharmacy running its best.


SafeMed Solutions has worked with numerous local and national laboratories to simplify sample and data collection, improve analytical tools, and streamline how software is utilized across their methodologies.  Leverage the best practices and latest tools to speed your entire lab process.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical device manufacturers and diabetic supplies companies have to consider product development, supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping. SafeMed provides the best software for PLM/PDM, fulfillment, and reporting so you always know where you stand on every project and every order.

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